sausalitoSausalito has been a favorite with knitters since it was published in my very first collection. I love simple texture stitches and I’ve used this one, the tiny bow knot stitch in several projects over the years. It’s really simple to execute though I’ve gotten a handful of questions on this one over the years. The pattern has long since been updated to include additional instructions for working the stitch, but you can also find that explanation here.

I’d should mention that Sausalito is a cross-front sweater. I always thought that was clear from both the picture and the dimensions for the 2 front sections, but I’ve seen versions with the button placed squarely in the center. Doing so would make for an enormous sweater and a very unhappy knitter.

Sausalito is written for 5 sizes with finished bust measurements of 37 (39, 41½, 43½, 46)”. With a suggested ease of about 4″ it should fit bust sizes between 33″ – 42″.

To learn more about Sausalito or to purchase a pdf pattern, follow the Ravelry link below.

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2 Responses to Sausalito

  1. Betty Mell says:

    Kim, I’m trying to draft and knit a jacket/cardigan for my sister. She fell in love with a picture of a Peruvian garment she saw a few years back. According to my knitting shop, Paradise Fibers, Spokane, WA, the jacket is actually make from woven fabric and sewn??? The shape could be knit i think. To get the curves in the back hem and over-lapping fronts, I’m thinking I’ll have to use short rows. There seems to be a slight curve on the front V’s from neck to overlapping flap. When you design, do you use a graph of some sort? Is this something you could help me design and knit? I made a sketch/outline of the shapes and just need to transfer this information into a pattern.
    Thanks for your help.

    • kim says:

      Betty, No doubt you’re right and that woven jacket could be translated into a knit. I don’t do that sort of custom work nor do I know anyone who does. If you’re so inclined, knitwear design isn’t rocket science. A straight-forward garment wouldn’t require much more than gauge and detailed measurements, though this sounds a bit more complex. You know, pretty much everything out there has been done before so you may want to give Ravelry a whirl. They have an extensive database of sweaters with a decent advance search feature. Who knows, you may find exactly what you’re looking for. Or try posting a picture of the garment to one of Ravelry’s forums and see if anyone can suggest a similar knitting pattern.

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