marcoMarco is a great choice if you’re planning to knit for a special man in your life. Before designing for men, I did my homework with the men in my own life and then designed specifically for them. What do men want? Above all, comfort, then style, but without  working for it. Marco manages both and with stitch detail that makes it interesting for the knitter.

Marco is written in 6 sizes with finished chest measurements of 39½ (42¼, 45¼, 48, 50¾, 53¾)”. The suggested ease is between 2″ – 4″, depending on just how comfortable your guy likes his sweaters.

Follow the Ravelry link below to learn more about Marco or to purchase a PDF version of the pattern.

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2 Responses to Marco

  1. Jane Vosburg says:

    I bought this pattern today and was stumped in the first row. I was knitting for the 48 inch chest and the number of stitches and pattern don’t add up!. Please help.

    • kim says:

      Sorry to hear you’ve hit a snag, and so soon! Let me see if I can help. For the size you’re making, the pattern has you CO 107 sts then instructs you to work the following row.
      Row 1 (RS): K3, (p1, k2) 4 times, *k4, (p1, k2) 7 times*, to last 17 sts, k4, (p1, k2) 4 times, k1.

      Now, let’s break that down.
      K3, (p1, k2) 4 times —- the (p1, k2) 4 times = 12 sts + 3 st = 15 sts.
      *k4, (p1, k2) 7 times*, to last 17 sts… —– the (p1, k2) 7 times = 21 sts + 4 sts = 25 sts. If you work everything inside the ** until you have 17 sts left, you will have worked it exactly 3 times for a total of 75 sts.
      k4, (p1, k2) 4 times, k1 —- again, (p1, k2) 4 times = 12 sts + 4 + 1 = 17 sts.
      If we add all the stitch counts in bold above we have:
      15 + 75 + 17 = 107 sts.

      I hope that helps.

      If you run into any other problems it’s best to ask a question in my Ravelry group or email at the address listed your pattern.

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