mabelMabel is such a quick felting project that you’ll want to make one for you and gift a few more. The slippers are worked with multiple strands of super bulky yarn making them warm and substantial. Pick your main color then work the embellishments with leftover bits of anything from sport- to worsted-weight yarn.

Mabel is written in 3 sizes; Small, Medium and Large with instructions for making minor size adjustments before and/or during the felting process.

Follow the Ravelry link below to learn more about Mabel or to purchase a PDF version of the pattern.

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marcoMarco is a great choice if you’re planning to knit for a special man in your life. Before designing for men, I did my homework with the men in my own life and then designed specifically for them. What do men want? Above all, comfort, then style, but without  working for it. Marco manages both and with stitch detail that makes it interesting for the knitter.

Marco is written in 6 sizes with finished chest measurements of 39½ (42¼, 45¼, 48, 50¾, 53¾)”. The suggested ease is between 2″ – 4″, depending on just how comfortable your guy likes his sweaters.

Follow the Ravelry link below to learn more about Marco or to purchase a PDF version of the pattern.

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Knitter’s questions and errata.

fitzroyLast week I received an email from a  knitter that got me thinking about pattern errors and how important it is to check for errata before you start to knit.

The knitter wrote to tell me she had finished a sweater in my book, Dolce Handknits – simple, sophisticated designs, and had her eye on another. She wanted to make Fitzroy, but was a little intimidated by the charts and wondered if there was a written version of the pattern. There isn’t. Fitzroy is by no means complicated. It’s a worsted-weight cardigan with lace panels and though I’m not a big fan of charts myself, they just made sense for Fitzroy.

I thought a little encouragement was in order. I offered up some basic chart explanation and a few tips that always made working from charts easier for me. Just simple things, like which row, RS or WS, the chart started with and from which direction to work each row. I suggested making separate, enlarged copies of each chart and using a ruler to help hold your place. And then, luckily, it dawned on me that if she was working from the book and not an older leaflet version of the pattern, there were some small, but critical errors introduced into the charts when the book was published. I included a link to the corrected charts.

I was so pleased when the knitter wrote back to thank me for the encouragement and to say she was going to give Fitzroy and charts a go. But all I could think was what a nightmare it could have been for her if I hadn’t remembered the corrected charts.


montaukPlanning on some apple picking or leaf peeping this fall? Montauk’s tweed, rich fall colors, casual mix of buttons and asymmetry makes it a fabulous fall look with jeans or a classic pencil skirt.

Montauk has wide ribbed bands, raglan shaping and is slightly nipped in at the waist.

The pattern is written in 5 sizes with finished measurements of 36¾ (38¾, 40¾, 43¼, 45¼)” when buttoned. The suggested ease is about 2″, but this style could easily work with a bit less ease for a closer fit.

Follow this Ravelry link for more pattern details or to purchase a pdf pattern.

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sausalitoSausalito has been a favorite with knitters since it was published in my very first collection. I love simple texture stitches and I’ve used this one, the tiny bow knot stitch in several projects over the years. It’s really simple to execute though I’ve gotten a handful of questions on this one over the years. The pattern has long since been updated to include additional instructions for working the stitch, but you can also find that explanation here.

I’d should mention that Sausalito is a cross-front sweater. I always thought that was clear from both the picture and the dimensions for the 2 front sections, but I’ve seen versions with the button placed squarely in the center. Doing so would make for an enormous sweater and a very unhappy knitter.

Sausalito is written for 5 sizes with finished bust measurements of 37 (39, 41½, 43½, 46)”. With a suggested ease of about 4″ it should fit bust sizes between 33″ – 42″.

To learn more about Sausalito or to purchase a pdf pattern, follow the Ravelry link below.

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