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Sausalito has been a favorite with knitters since it was published in my very first collection. I love simple texture stitches and I’ve used this one, the tiny bow knot stitch in several projects over the years. It’s really simple to execute though I’ve gotten a handful of questions on this one over the years. The pattern […]

st. kilda

I live in a drafty, old house so winter means wearing extra layers even inside. It’s not like I don’t have a lot of sweaters, but nothing was ever perfect. It had to be warm, but not so warm that I’d swelter, it had to be soft, and it had to be comfortable and not get […]


Madison has been an incredibly popular jacket. As with most of my patterns it’s worked in pieces from the bottom up and has set-in sleeves. The stand-up collar and rolled button band are added during finishing. The bodice is heavily textured, but the pattern is written in such a way that staying in pattern while shaping […]